Sunday Post #58: NaNo Goal

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Usually the goal of NaNo is to write 50,000 words. This can be daunting, and sometimes can lead to bad word choices in your story as you add extra filler words just to up your word count. I would be one of these people.

Through the two scenes I’ve written so far this NaNo, I have found myself going back multiple times just to add words or names where additional words, or throwing in a name are not needed and will likely be cut out when I go back and edit. I also don’t think the story I’ve outlined is a 50,000 word story, which adds to my going in and adding words where words are not needed.

With this goal of 50,000 causing me issues, my new NaNo goal is to just finish writing the story. Write it as clean as I can the first time, so as not to cause problems and lots of editing later.

Now excuse me as I get back to writing my story…maybe I’ll have time to start another and get the 50,000 words in, but I’m not going to sweat if I don’t. ?