Sunday Post #75: Basement Demolition Complete

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Getting rid of drywall, and other construction debris, a little at a time so we could take it out in our weekly trash pick up was taking too long. We decided to take it all down and rented a dumpster. Thanks to the renting of the dumpster, good progress has been made on the basement. Except for 2 walls not moving, we’ve taken down all the walls; on the 2 not moving we removed the drywall. The ceiling came down, and the flooring came up. The flooring was a pain. It was vinyl sticky tiles, and they were good and truly stuck to the floor. Thanks to my Dad for letting us borrow his Dremel tool. The Dremel made removing the floor so much easier than whacking away with a crow bar or hammer, or trying to sneak in a putty knife underneath the tiles.

Next is figuring out exactly where we want walls to go up. One we don’t need to really think about, because the only reason it came down was because it wasn’t built well. We could push it over with a single finger, and not much pressure. Scary. Storage though, is a priority, so part of the plan is an area for storage. We know roughly where we want the walls and door for it, now just need to lay it out exactly.

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