August TBR

July didn't go so well. I have higher hopes for August since I won't be spreading myself so thin. I'm focusing on reading, and blogging. I'm waiting to hear back on the next course enrollment for work, but I will have 6 months to complete it, so I can go slow with it in August… Continue reading August TBR


Ambitious May TBR

When I was picking what to read this month, I wasn't paying attention to the number of pages. I now have regrets of what I have chosen. Somewhat. While I don't have much hope of getting through anything more than 2 of these books; I still hope I will be able to make time to read all these because I really want to read them all. Together though, with what I have left of the one book carrying over from previous TBRs, these books total 2457 pages.


New TBR Game! | January TBR

I have been loving the readathons lately. They have somehow helped me pick books to read and have been pulling me out of this reading slump. I still feel myself getting over the slump. Or maybe my love of reading is changing. I just don't seem to want to read like I used to and so find myself putting books down even though I'm enjoying them. Then instead of picking them back up after a few weeks, I end up picking something new. The readathons have helped me focus and give me a reason to finish the book. Even though I've decided not to throw in punishments if I don't finish the TBR due to life likely getting in the way, I hope this game will still give some motivation for me to read the books.


January TBR

Well, I got a few books for Christmas, and have several more veteran books on my shelf waiting for their chance to be read. Let's see what I can get to in January. I'm still going to pick only 6 books, I figure this will leave room for a mood read or 2. I'm also going to not roll over my TBR into the next month. I mean I'm not leaving any books unstarted, on my TBR for the next. I usually don't get a chance to go back, so if I am able, I can just pick one of the books up as a mood read.

Readathon, TBR

December & Bookie Trials TBR

I'm going to start this post off with the Bookie Trials TBR. Also, I wanted to take a moment to ask, what crazy idea is it to have a readathon, but the goal is to read the fewest number of books? The Winter Bookie Trials runs from midnight December 2 - 11:59 pm December 8 (your local timezone). There are 11 challenges, and the story behind this quest is we are trying to save our Daemons from the Evil Enchanter. To save our Daemons, we must read as few books as possible. I have managed to find 2 books to complete all 11 quests.


November TBR

Here we are again. I got carried away with the Rhiriya Chronicles and Revelations books. I've read 3, leaving only 2 left in the series, even though only one was on my TBR. There are several books I still haven't picked up, and now we are getting into NaNoWriMo. There is also a TomeTopple readathon this month, so I'm only picking 4 books leaving room for some tomes later.