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Well, I don’t know who I am anymore. I haven’t really been reading, but since I did so well in June with Whateverathon, I thought I would participate in some readathons in September. I have decided to participate in both Becca’s Bookopolathon, and G’s Magical Readathon.

So far my habit this year is to start a book and put it down for some reason. I could be enjoying it, but I just loose interest in reading, or something. I don’t even know. Four of the five books I am doing for Bookopolathon are books I’ve started at some point either this year or in the past, and put down for some reason or other. The fifth, is a book I have put on a TBR before, and just didn’t get to, but I think I would enjoy the book.

To get the TBR, I played Bookopoly first. I used a dice roller via Google to get 2, 6-sided dice. Then crossed fingers the books picked could match up with a prompt from the Magical Readathon. Spoiler alert* This did not go according to plan. You can watch me roll, and move along the board, and see what I chose on the YouTube video I uploaded, or continue reading.

First roll, I got a 7, which landed me on a Chance space. The Chance cards are a mix of books you want to read, and books you don’t for whatever reasons. Using a randomizer on my phone, I got the book of Blood-Mage by David Delaney.

Blood-Mage by David Delaney

This is the fifth book of the Paragon Society series. The main character is named Orson, who was just starting college, when he kisses his girlfriend, who has a magical secret. After kissing her, something is awakened in him and he can turn into a bear. He is a magical bear, who can do a lot more than his girlfriend, or any of her magical family members. This society he is now a part of is afraid of what he can do, because they don’t know of anyone gaining their abilities from kissing, and only know of those who have been born. There are old stories of this magical creature who is awakened and will wreak havoc. This book is a bit further in the story, but I don’t want to spoil anything for you should you choose to pick this one up. I started reading this in I think May, and haven’t picked it up since. I will start at the beginning again for September and see if I can’t make it to the end this time.

I did also realize after filming, this book can work for the Ruin of the Skye prompt to read a book featuring ghosts/haunted house, or other supernatural elements. The main characters are all supernatural with supernatural abilities.

For my second roll, I got a 6, and landed on the space of New. This means choosing a book that is either fairly new, or a book that was hyped when it was first released but haven’t heard much since. For this, I chose Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes.

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

I don’t even really remember what this book is about. It was definitely hyped for possibly even a few years after it was released since it is the first book of a series, so as new books were released in the series, people new to the series would come to start at this book. I picked this up and started reading a few years ago. Didn’t get very far into it before I lost interest. For some reason though it is still on my physical book shelves, so, I seem to be keeping it for some reason. Now, I’m either going to finish it, or DNF and get rid of it.

I am also using this for the Entrance prompt for the Magical Readathon, to read a book with a map in it; which this does.

For the third roll I got a 7, which landed me on Becca Recs. After watching quite a few of her recommendation videos, I came to Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I have the audiobook of Six of Crows, and in fact, was one of, if not the first book I picked up this year. Then, possibly made it about half-way through before getting side tracked and just have not picked it up again. I will again be starting this one over. From what I remember, this is a book of friendship and a big heist. I hadn’t gotten to the big heist yet, but the group was traveling to this far of place, with many guards, and is impenetrable, to break in and steal something.

For the fourth roll, I rolled a 9, which took me to last letter / first letter. This is a prompt Becca got from Maddie and Whateverathon, where one of the Whateverathon prompts was to have the last letter of the book you just read to match the first letter of the next book you finish. For Bookopolathon, this prompt is just to have the first letter of the book you pick for this prompt, to match the last letter of the book you just chose for the previous prompt. I realize, this may be a bit of a cheat, but I need some help here. So, I’m going with a light-novel, Sword Art Online, Volume 3: Fairy Dance.

Sword Art Online: Fairy Dance

Sword Art Online focuses on some virtual reality games. The first one starts with our main character, who I forget is name IRL (In Real Life), but his character name in the game is Kirito. The game he begins to play at the start of the series is called Sword Art Online. Basically the game takes place in a castle called Aincrad, and this castle has 100 floors with a boss at the end of each floor. To progress to the next floor of the castle, you must defeat the boss of the current floor. The creator of this game has taken things over the top, and has made this a death game for it’s official release. Basically, the game system everyone is wearing, will send a signal basically frying their brain which will kill them in real life, if they die in the game. So if they die in the game, they die for real.

For my last roll, I moved 7 spaces taking me to another Chance card. For the random card, I drew Winter’s Fury by A.E. Rayne. This is one of the books I did not want to read in September due to it’s length. It is 778 pages in length.

Winter’s Fury by A.E. Rayne

I honestly don’t remember what drew me to this book when I purchased it, or what it’s supposed to be about. So I will find out what it is when I start reading it. This may be the first book I pick up in September just to try and make sure I can get through this book with time to read the others.

When filming I didn’t realize I had the minimum of 2 books to make it to the Academy, so I did throw in Fire by C.A. Harland for the next path prompt for the Ashtorn Tree, to read a book that keeps tempting you (or top of your TBR).

Fire by C.A. Harland

I got this a few years ago from the publisher via NetGalley. I think I was drawn in by the cover, and probably the elemental magic. I don’t really remember what the book is supposed to be about though. I’ve had it on a previous readathon TBR but didn’t get to it. Maybe this will finally be the time I read it.

Whether you are participating in either readathon or not, I wish you happy reading.