2021 Quarter 2 Goals

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I don’t usually, at least lately, make quarterly goals, but it is something I want to get back to. I think it helps me focus in on and define what is priority for me. Making them quarterly instead of monthly, also helps with some flexibility when one month goes sideways and things just go crazy inserting themselves in to your day and taking up your time. The quarterly timeframe just works well for me because it’s also not trying to see too far in to the future. Annual just seems to be too hard to stick to because something will change, or something happens and my priorities change. This helps me keep my sanity because there will be months which go sideways, or are just really busy and don’t go according to plan, but also not so long a timeframe where I struggle to see to the end. (Not sure that made any sense.)

  • Complete BEDA: I mentioned in my Sunday Post from this past Sunday, I’m hoping to participate in BEDA this month which means posting every day this month. (Wish me luck.)
  • Find a reading tracker: I posted last year, I was saying goodbye to Goodreads. Their tracking just doesn’t work for me in any way. I set up a Google Sheets doc, but I have been failing to update it on any kind of regular basis. I feel I need something else to either use with it, or use instead.
  • Complete current course towards certification: This is a goal for my current job, I only have one course left towards the certification after the current one, and I’d like to complete both before the end of this year so I can obtain the certification.
  • Read 10 new books: When I say a new book, I don’t mean a new release. I mean a book from my shelves I have not already read. I have been “reading”, but at the same time I don’t count it as reading, because I’ve just been listening to several audiobooks I’ve already listened to several times before. This will hopefully be the start of me coming out of whatever mindspace this is I seem to be in.
  • Workout once a week: I’ve been working out, and taking daily walks with our dog, but the workouts have been sporadic. I’d like to workout more frequently to assist with the stress from my job, and for some variety. Sometimes taking the dog for a walk feels more like something I need to do, than something enjoyable.
  • List items on eBay/Donate to Charity: I am sitting here writing this post staring at a pile of items I’ve earmarked to get rid of. Some may actually end up in the trash, but many are in a good enough condition to be either donated or sold on eBay. We also are still having some charities not accepting certain items due to the pandemic, so this may be what somewhat determines what goes on eBay and what is donated. This is all to help with eventually setting up my home office how I want it, and getting stuff which will not remain on the main floor, down to the basement without having the basement overflow.
  • Finish basement project: For my family who has been working on this with me and may be reading this, before you start calling me crazy, I don’t count the Laundry, or Bathroom in this. I believe this is doable since we are currently working on the ceiling, and should be finished with this before the end of April. And then only the floor, base molding, and some doors are needed. In 3 months? I think this is doable. (Everyone be ready to laugh, when this house makes a liar out of me.)
  • Write 50,000 words: I’ve had this story bouncing in my head for over a year now. It’s changed a bit, but my head keeps going over to it. I would like to get it in writing and work it out. I don’t know I will publish this, it will be very rough, but will be a good experience I think to have and work through.

These are my goals for this quarter. Do you have goals you’ve set for yourself? Share some in the comments below, and we can cheer each other on. 😃