Dewey’s Reverse Readathon | August 2019

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Well, Dewey’s reverse readathon starts in just a little bit. I don’t know how much reading I will be doing during this readathon. I just finished a month long readathon, and am worried if I push myself too hard, I’ll put myself in a slump. Plus, I have a bunch of other items to take care of.

I will update here as often as I can throughout. As far as what I’ll be reading, I have Elite I still need to finish, but that won’t be long now. I’ve also started Ruin and Rising for an audiobook. What I will read after Elite? I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. I can say I am going to try really hard to finish Elite tonight, because I am so close to the end, and I want to see how this will end.

Hour 1

Outside with family, enjoying a nice night and warm fire. My mother has set 2 or 3 marshmellows already, and she just put another one on a stick. How long will this one take to catch fire?

I’ve just finished Elite by Mercedes Lackey. So now I’ll need to figure out what book to go to next from my August tbr. I don’t think I’ll start a new book tonight though, I will be working on some other items like editing the last vlog for the Book Junkie Trials.

Hour 2

Well, that didn’t take long. All 3 of us, that’s my husband, the puppy, and me, are all crashing. So, see you sometime in the morning. Goodnight!

Hour 12

I’ve had a needy dog all morning. I do mean aaaallllllllll morning. He has been whimpering for attention or to go outside and play since about midnight. ? So I haven’t gotten much sleep, but my husband had to go to work this morning, so right now it’s just the puppy and me. We are about to go outside and run around a bit. Otherwise I’ve done no reading yet this morning, nor have I edited any more of the Book Junkie vlog.

It’s over

Well, this was the most casual I’ve ever participated in a readathon before. I finished the last few pages of Elite last night, and read one chapter of Accel-world Vol 1 today. It also didn’t help the puppy kept whining last night for unknown reasons, so both my husband and I didn’t sleep well. After he returned from his shift today we laid down and took an hour long nap. Then just kind of continued to lay there in bed while we woke up.

Once we woke up, we went downtown for Pokemon Go community day. Today’s pokemon was Ralts, which evolved into Guardivoir; one of my husband’s favorite pokemon so we made sure we were there.

Now begins the countdown to the October Dewey’s readathon. ?