Sunday Post #48: Book Junkie Trials Readathon Wrap Up

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly over on the Caffeinated Reviewer.

Well, I may not be a Book Junkie Quest Champion, but I came pretty close. I’m very proud of how much I read and what I accomplished in July.

I managed to read and finish 15 books, and almost – but could have – made it 16 books. (The last day I read about 200 pages, and the book I didn’t get to was only 156 pages. So I could have finished 16 books, but I stuck with the book I was working on.)

I mostly kept up with the blogging, and even posted a few videos I hadn’t originally planned on posting. Also, coming this week, I have an August TBR! I had so much fun trying to complete the quests, and I’ve seen a few TBR videos from youtubers who make a game of their TBR, I made my own little twist on one of them. We shall have to see how this goes, so far, I haven’t done a lot of reading this month, but we shall see.

Now, thanks to reading 15 books, I have a lot of book reviews to post, so I need to go get busy. I’ll catch you in the comments! ?