Mage Strike by R.K. Thorne

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mage_strikeTitle: Mage Strike
Series: The Enslaved Chronicles #2
Author: R.K. Thorne
Publisher: Iron Antler Books
Narrator: Tanya Eby
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The hard part should have been over. Former slave Miara and Crown Prince Aven have escaped with their freedom and their lives. From kidnapper and captive, they’ve grown into a powerful partnership. And they’ve returned to the mountain fortress of Estun, triumphant, to warn his people of the rising menace just across their border.

But escape was only the first step. War looms. Hundreds of mages still live in slavery. Neither the king nor the queen believes the people will support a foreign spy as crown princess, no matter how loyal Miara truly is. And enemy agents plot to keep Aven from the throne by any means necessary, be they mundane – or murderous.

On top of it all, the Dark Master has plans of his own: to enslave a vast mage army bound to his will alone. To obliterate all knowledge of the forbidden star magic, no matter the cost. And to get a little revenge too, while he’s at it.

Powerful new enemies, tenacious new allies, and earth-shaking magic join Aven and Miara in this second volume of the Enslaved Chronicles.

My thoughts:

There was a lot going on here. In the first book, Miara and Prince Aven were heading back to Aven’s home. In this book they make it. But Miara is a commoner, and worse, she is a mage. Mages are not trusted, and Aven’s father, the King, has issue with her. He would prefer if his son fell in love with someone else.

What doesn’t help Aven and Miara prove her worth to the King, is someone imitates her, and tries to assassinate Aven. Miara isn’t without friends though who believe it wasn’t her. She has to get a bit creative to get herself out of trouble though. The King confines her to her room so she can’t attack Aven, this also means she can’t go with Aven to the council meeting. But, this is Miara we are talking about, she’s a creature mage.

Aven and Miara also work to free the mages still stuck under the Master’s rule. One of her friends who is saved, is asked to stay for another day or two so they can free more mages before they lock things down. However, she gets an opportunity that just can not be passed up to hopefully stop the Master from enslaving more mages.

There is some suspense for the reader, but not much since we can see who survives and where everyone is at. So the suspense is somewhat brief, but needing to know how people meet up together and what happens with the vote of if Aven will follow his father and become King.

I’m enjoying this story, and am looking forward to the next and final book in the trilogy, Star Mage.