Sunday Post #34: Almost 250 pages in 24 hours

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly over on the Caffeinated Reviewer.

Dewey’s April 24 hour readathon just finished a few hours ago. I read 249 pages. So close to 250. I did have about 6 hours where we were doing things and I wasn’t really reading, and I slept for almost 7 hours, with a bonus round of cleaning doggy vomit. (Someone likes to eat the sticks they get a hold of and vomited some wood chips when I got up to feed him breakfast. Good timing right?)

My downfall was I wanted to try to update the blog post I had for each hour, so I kept checking the clock expecting it to have been the hour, or thinking it was close. Why I didn’t just set an alarm I don’t know. Which I did set an alarm for the last 2 hours, then kept checking fearing I missed it because I was really getting into the book. Had I not done all the time checking, I could have at least read a full 250 pages. Oh well, always next time. Speaking of, it has already been announced. The next Dewey’s readathon will be October 26, 2019. I will be participating and I hope to see you all there.