Sunday Post #33: Spring Snow

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly over on the Caffeinated Reviewer.

It snowed last night. There is actually white stuff on the ground. The puppy doesn’t mind, but I do. I was enjoying the warmer weather, and now it’s cold again. So I’m bundled up in a chair. I wish I could say I was reading right now, but I’m instead trying to write and schedule some blog posts, and then I’m going to be doing some more work. ?

When the management decided on all these projects for this year, and we found out and were told by our department heads 2019 was going to be a busy year, I’m not sure they realized how busy it was going to be. We’ve all been putting in a lot of additional time, and my Monday and Tuesday this week are basically shot because I will be in an all day meeting…both days…so that just means I’ll be falling further behind in my other tasks which is why I’m trying to do some of them now from home.

I’m looking forward to Dewey’s readathon this Saturday. If you haven’t signed up you can still do so. I think part of what makes Dewey’s so much fun is everyone starts and stops at the same time. I will be updating here, on the blog, and on twitter as well.