Recommending 19 One-Word Title Books

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Whateverathon is coming back next month. Like a few other readathons I’ve participated in, there is a prompt on the Bingo boards for a one-word title. I remember a time where I would struggle to come up with ideas for this prompt. Either the books I found were in genres I didn’t want to read, or just didn’t sound interesting. Here are a few books I recommend you check out and consider reading.

The Witchlands Series

Witchlands series, Truthwitch, Windwitch, Bloodwitch, Witchshadow.

I haven’t read any of the books from the series yet, but I own Truthwitch which is a possibility for my TBR. All 4 books of the series have a one-word title; so if you’ve already started, feel free to pick up the next book.

Truthwitch follows a girl named Safi, who is a truthwitch. She can tell when someone is telling a lie. Safi and other witches like her, get caught up in a war and must use their abilities to get through. Apparently, Safi is especially sought after, because the emperors and other royals will do anything to get their hands on a Truthwitch.

Hunter Trilogy

Hunter trilogy, Hunter, Elite, Apex.

A YA dystopian fantasy series that is so good, I can’t aptly describe how much I enjoyed them. I loved these books.

Hunter is about a young girl who has been trained to deal with monsters in the area. She works with her eleven hounds to kill the monsters and keep the humans safe. She is shuttled off to the main city from the mountains because her Uncle, who is one of the leaders of the hunters for the city. There are some strange things going on, and bodies start appearing where they shouldn’t be. I’m not doing the synopsis justice, so please, check out Hunter and you will not be disappointed.

Lunar Chronicles

Lunar Chronicles. Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Winter.

Another bunch of YA fantasies, and were all the rave of book influencers for many years after they were released. I feel for the hype, and wasn’t disappointed. Each book is a different fairy tale retelling.

Cinder is a Cinderella retelling, which you probably could guess from the title. Cinder is not fully human though, she is a cyborg. Her step-mother blames her for an illness her sister gets. With interactions she has with Kai, she becomes involved in an intergalactic war. Each book, even though a separate retelling, builds on the story.


Secondborn by Amy A Bartol book cover.

I first picked up Secondborn as a Kindle Unlimited read around when it was first released. I enjoyed it and started reading a few other books by Amy A. Bartol. This is a YA, dystopian science fiction story. The next two books do not have one-word titles so they are not included here, but I would recommend them all the same.

Roselle is the second child of her elite political family. Her mother is the leader of the Swords fate; and they are at war with the other three fates. Because she is the second child, she will go fight for the Swords military, and she doesn’t get a say in staying or going. She saves the life of another soldier from another fate, and will be marked a traitor if discovered. There is slight love interest, as she finds a friend in a fellow secondborn soldier, Hawthorne Trugrave.

Fatemarked Epic

I’ve had Fatemarked for a while, and not read it yet. But this is part of my May TBR, and it looks like I’ll be able to get to it. This is a YA, epic, dark, political, military fantasy.

The fatemarked are prophesized to come and bring peace to the war ravaged land. According to the synopsis on Amazon, there are also dragons in this world. So if you are also part of the Sunset Scholars, you will be able to use this for the dragons prompt.

Founders Trilogy

I first heard about Foundryside from Elliot Brooks on YouTube, just a few short weeks ago and have added it to my TBR. If I can make this work with some of the prompts with the other books I choose for Whateverathon I hope to read this next month. We’ll have to see how the prompts work out.

Sancia Grato is a thief, and is hired to to steal a powerful artifact. This artifact can revolutionize the magic technology known as scriving. The Merchant Houses who control the magic have their own ideas for the artifact. Becoming the owner of this artifact puts a target on Sancia, and they are trying for the kill.

Do any of these books or series sound interesting to you? Will you be participating in Whateverathon next month? Let’s chat in the comments.