Becca’s Bookoplathon Wrap Up

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Becca’s 48-hour Bookoplathon took place over the weekend of May 21-22. This readathon is particularly special, and I’m sure stressful for Becca, because it is live on YouTube for the full 48 hours. With the help of many hosts, each takes a turn hosting a 4-hour block with chatting, maybe some games, and then reading sprints. Ahead of the start of the readathon, Becca announced the readathon and provided the first possible 2 prompts. This round the prompts were a book under 300 pages, or some kind of Gods/Goddess/etc. representation. Every 12 hours, we get two additional prompts. It is up to each individual reader if they wish to try to read a book for all 8 prompts, just one from each, or whatever combination of prompts.

I got a late start to this readathon. Becca runs the 48-hours in British Standard Time, since that is her and most of the host’s timezone. There is also the choice of running it in our own timezone; it just won’t be live for the full 48 hours. At the start of this readathon, I was having some family time, and then went to bed. This led to me not reading anything for the first 13 hours or so of the readathon. I didn’t necessarily focus on the prompts, but the book I started with did work for many of the prompts we got.

When I did get up on Saturday in my timezone, we already had the next roll-drop. The prompts were a book with a color in the title, or an ebook/audiobook. I had some things to do around the house so decided on an audiobook. I hadn’t gotten very far into A Psalm of Storms and Silence, which is on my May TBR, so I went with this to start. It could work for the Gods prompt we started with, or the audiobook/ebook prompt that had just dropped.

Through the day of cleaning around the house and doing some yardwork, I managed to finish A Psalm of Storms and Silence. During this time, we also had the third set of prompts. The third set of prompts for Becca’s Bookoplathon landed us on either, Spooky, or a YA book. Again, I could count A Psalm of Storms and Silence since it is YA. I was not really reading books of a great length for a readathon, so I wasn’t really worried about reading for each prompt, it just kind of worked out that way.

On Sunday, I did get up in time for the last roll drops, and then finished out the rest of Becca’s Bookoplathon with everyone else on YouTube. Okay, I forgot, we did take the doggy for a walk. I was not watching the sprints on YouTube during this time, but we weren’t gone long so I didn’t miss much of the streams. The last prompts were a book with Water on the cover, or feed scroll. Unfortunately, the ebook I attempted to finish works with neither of these prompts. But it could work also work for like ebook, or YA if we wanted to change what A Psalm of Storms and Silence counted for. I suppose The Mime Order could also work for Spooky, in the sense that there is a thrill or thriller element in that the clairvoyants are trying to not be found out because they will be killed. Whatever the prompts were, I was going to be reading this, because it’s a library book, and it needs to go back.

By the end of the readathon, I was less than 150 pages from the end of The Mime Order. Which, I was encouraged by. So just a short break and then take a few hours to finish the book before I had to go to bed right? Nope. 😒 I think because I had just spent practically the entire weekend reading, I couldn’t handle it anymore. I could not make myself finish the book. So I was still something under 150 pages from the end when I got up on Monday.

Overall, I very much enjoyed taking part in Becca’s Bookoplathon. I think I mostly enjoyed the livestreams with reading sprints I took part in on Sunday. I actually regret not tuning in to any of them on Saturday. Next time she has her 48-hour version of Bookopolathon, I think I will try to participate in more of the livestreams. I’m not going to be crazy and stay up for the 48 hours, but instead of participating in almost 12 hours of livestreams, maybe try for at least 24 hours. If she repeats last year, she will likely have a full-month version in September so we will have to stay tuned to her channel, or the readathon Twitter, for that announcement sometime in August.