Quarter 2 Goals Review & Quarter 3 Goals

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Well, the second quarter was… interesting, I guess is the word I would use. It was also quite hectic, or at least felt hectic. I felt like it was just one thing after another, but still managed a few successes with my goals and we are here again. Real quick, here is how I did with my second quarter goals:

  • Complete BEDA FAIL
  • Find a reading tracker DONE-ish
  • Complete current course towards certification FAIL
  • Read 10 new books FAIL
  • Workout once a week DONE
  • List items on eBay/Donate to Charity DONE-ish
  • Finish basement project DONE
  • Write 50,000 words FAIL

Now on to goals for this quarter. The basement may be mostly done, about as done as I was planning to get it, but there is still a lot of stuff I need to go through in my studio/office before I can start on it. Also need to figure out what to do with the household stuff being stored in the room, and need to get stuff which is my husband’s out if it ultimately will not be staying. Anyways, more on that when I go through the related goals.

  • Write 10,000 words: I totally failed at 50,000. I barely wrote anything in fact. So, 10,000 is still more than I’ve done in a quarter so far this year, but should be achievable. Let’s cross our fingers.
  • Continue testing reading tracker and make final determination: I think I’ve figured out what I want to use to track my reading. I unfortunately haven’t been reading much so haven’t been able to test much. Also, only think I’ve arrived at it’s final version somewhat in June which was the end of the quarter, so wasn’t a whole lot of opportunity to test even if I was doing better at reading.
  • Finish current course before August 9: I failed to complete the current course I’m taking towards a certification which would help me advance at work. I only have until August 9, or I have to start the course over.
  • Read 6 new books: I managed to read 4 new books in June, and those where the only new books I read this past quarter. Partly due to feeling like I shouldn’t be reading for fun when I have this course to finish, but hating the course because the topic is so confusing. I’m very much struggling with this course. Anyways, I’m hoping 6 is a little more doable.
  • Get the mattress to the basement: Since I’m still working on getting things out of the studio, and needing to find another place for much of it if I’m going to make this room mine, and I’ve learned my lesson from this past quarter. Rather than say I’m going to complete the studio, I want to at least get the mattress out. This will also mean I can get and set up a new desk. An actual desk. Not just a table with a basket holding all my stuff. So, the full goal for getting the mattress to the basement, does also include getting a new desk set up.
  • Continue to sell & donate items: In order to not be a storage facility anymore for family or ourselves, we need to continue getting rid of items. I recently came across a box of items we haven’t touched since we moved in to this home a little over a decade ago! Obviously, nothing in there we desperately need. I’m also almost positive, it’s not going to be the last box I find with that same story. Personally, my primary focus will be on the items in the room I am using as my studio/office. But now with the basement done, we will also start looking at those items which we moved out while doing the project, or are still in the basement and we’ve just been moving around.
  • Post every other week: Trying to keep things achievable, I’m going to try to post every other week. I may be able to post more frequently, but at least every other week will be the goal. I’m still figuring out if there is a day which would be better than others to post, so there may be some experimenting going on too.
  • Organize the Garage: The garage is another landing place for many things from other people we have stored, or they just gave us in case we need it, and haven’t used the tools like ever. So I think it is past time for some deep sorting and organization of the garage. For example, my husband just came in looking for a weeder – the thing to help pull those stubborn weeds out – and I couldn’t help because I didn’t know where it was. The shelves are full of just stuff, I couldn’t even tell you what stuff. We don’t use at least half of it, but it’s an outdoor thing and we don’t know where to put it, so let’s just throw it on the shelf and figure it out later; but later never comes. I’m going to make later come now. Now is going to be the time we organize the garage. You know, just in time for Autumn.

I think we will stop with eight goals again. I only managed 50% completion last quarter with the eight goals I set, let’s see if I can do better this quarter.