September TBR

Thanks to the Book Junkie Trials, now known as the Bookie Trials, from this past July and Codie’s Book Corner for inspiring my TBR game. Not so much a game as somewhat randomly choosing a monthly TBR. I kind of did this for August, but had some issues. So here we go trying for September.

For this TBR, I found an app for my phone called Randomizer+. It has many options for randomly generating results such as Magic 8 Ball, or Coin Flip. The option I’ll be using is List. I’ve created a list of prompts for a TBR. Some of these I got from Codie’s Book Corner, while others seem to be somewhat standard prompts such as a specific genre or length of book.

Part of my issue in the last round last month, was even though I had several options, I kept getting the same thing a second or third time. So to fix this, I plan on deleting the prompt after it comes up. Not to say I won’t use it for the next month, but for this month this will keep the prompts to a single appearance.

Some of the options are specific books, rather than have a TBR jar, I just put a few books I want to read in as prompts. These are books I want to read, but have others I want to read more and so am not likely to choose on a TBR. I will be choosing 6 prompts, for a total of 6 books to read each month. If I’m in the middle of a book, or didn’t get to a book for one of the prompts, I will carry it into the next month. I can’t imagine me not reading 6 books in a month, but it’s entirely possible with how busy things seem to be getting.

Let’s see what books I’ll be reading for September!

First Prompt:
The Lost Chalice by Anita Clenney

Okay, so the first prompt is one of the books I put in as a prompt. This book is the last of a trilogy I started reading I don’t know how long ago. I’ve been interested in finishing it, just not interested enough to pick up this last book. Looks like I’ll be finishing it in September.

Second Prompt:

For this, I’m turning to a book I’ve owned for several years, been interested in but never picked up. Then I had it recommended to me again last year. So, I will finally pick up Play it Away.

Third Prompt:
Library Book

For this prompt, I must pick a book from my library to read. I’ve chosen Lirael, the second book of the Abhorsen series. I finished Sabriel, book 1, a few months ago. So this will be me continuing the series.

Fourth Prompt:
500+ pages

This prompt would have to come up…. For this I’m going with The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter. I can only hope I will somehow manage it because I only have the ebook, and don’t worry about getting it as an audiobook since I believe this is supposed to be an adult fantasy. I usually have trouble with adult fantasy as an audiobook since there is usually so much you need to follow and absorb.

Fifth Prompt:
Next in series

It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a book from this particular series. I think I have too many series going, I can’t keep track of them all. Magic Strikes is the third book of the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. I actually started this series somewhere in the middle now several years ago. I enjoyed the book I have started from the beginning, and am working my way through.

Sixth Prompt:
Graphic Novel

I don’t currently have too many graphic novels, but this may change after my birthday this weekend. I do have Witch Buster volumes 5-6 though, and I am anxious to get on with this series. The main character is a kind of witch hunter, but there is a twist. His sister is one of the witches he hunts. He’s trying to save her and bring her back on the side of good rather than letting her harm others.

These are the 6 books I will be reading this September, or at least trying to read this month. Hopefully all goes well, but we will see how I do by the end. I will try to keep my Goodreads up to date with my reading progress so you can see what I’m reading when I’m reading it.

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