Sunday Post #17 – Speeding Train

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kim over on Caffeinated Reviewer.

Last week went by faster than a speeding train. If I wasn’t working on stuff for the 9-5, I was working on stuff around the house, or for this blog or YouTube. I remember trying to lay down for just 17 minutes one night, and kept getting interrupted by my husband or the dog, and it was mostly my husband. I couldn’t even get 17 uninterrupted minutes to myself. Besides that, overall, I’m pretty sure my to do list has increased rather than decreased with the number of things on it. But I was expecting that since I started sensing the Year End Push from the 9-5. So I continue running like a speeding train with hopefully an uninterrupted 17 minutes somewhere in there. (Before you ask, I don’t know why I was trying for something odd like 17 minutes and not a nice 20.)

Our dog is doing okay-ish. We had a scare last night and are still getting through. Or maybe just a scare for us humans. With the sudden shift in temperature we think his arthritis is acting up and he went from having a hard time moving around last night, to not being able to even stand and take a single step this morning. We’ve taken extra measures and he can move when he wants but still mostly just lays around in one spot.

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