Sunday Post #77: NaNo FAIL…again.

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly over on the Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news of what happened in your life, what’s coming up on your blog, or recap posts shared.

Hello! It’s been a while. I feel like I’m really bad at being consistent here. Okay, I don’t think there is any “feel like” about it; I’m bad at posting consistently here. My lack of posting consistently probably has something to do with why I am failing NaNoWriMo. I just can’t say no to people, and have too much to do myself. Combine this with the longest reading slump I’ve ever had, and we have a lack of posting. I’m hoping to change this sometime in the near future – that’s for both the reading slump and the lack of posting.

I was doing really well with NaNo my first week. I had almost double the words needed after my first 2 days, then everything went to heck. Working full time, I knew I wasn’t going to have a lot of time to write on days where I worked, and the plan was to make up this time on the weekends. Well…we finally hit the button on the construction side of the basement and fixing other things around the house. Over the first weekend, we worked on changing my shower faucet and shower head, and the fun part of this project was in going from 3 knobs – hot, cold, and one to change between shower and faucet – to one big thing in the middle. Yes, we DIY’d this. A big thank you to my Dad who helped with this project, and the basement, and the unplanned kitchen change.

The second week of NaNo…we received the shipment of wood, drywall, and some of the drop ceiling pieces. I managed some writing while waiting for the shipment, but then the day was spent moving the ceiling pieces, 65 2x4s, and 44 sheets of drywall. (I am so not in shape for this kind of manual labor.) I hurt after this day. Thanks again to my Dad who has done a lot of DIY home improvement, and had a tool called a J-Handle. This made carrying the drywall sheets down the basement stairs a lot easier.

The third week is where the failure in all ways set in. By this point, I was so far behind in where I needed to be for the 50,000 words by the end of November, there was no chance of me hitting it. Then, came the days of working, and more wall building, and just being stuck in my story where I wrote 0 words…so there went my goal where I would consider myself a winner if I wrote at least a little everyday. Upside. as of yesterday, all the new walls are up! Just need to fix one existing wall with some bad wood, and finish roughing in some of the new doors. I also now have a new kitchen faucet, with a working sprayer, since the one we had decided to start leaking in to the cabinet.

Overall, NaNo is a fail, but at the same time I’m cheering that we are FINALLY finishing our basement. We’ve been in our house for 11 years. 11 YEARS! I basically can’t really call it a home, because it doesn’t feel like home yet. We still have so many projects, and rooms which are not finished, or like our bathroom where I have regrets. (Why, why did I agree to pink walls?) Still some work to do, but I feel like progress is being made.