Sunday Post #80: Things be tense

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I can’t stop myself from watching the news, and then this helpless feeling comes over me. I live in the United States, in the state of Michigan. Our states, more and more feel like the Divided States, more than the United States. I remember in school learning, or at least being told, the founders totally believed the government they built would one day fail and collapse. I remember this, read the news, see the videos of how divided we are in our belief of who won the presidential election, and I can’t help but wonder if now is that collapse. If we are witnessing the fall of the government of the United States.

I wonder if anyone saw this coming. He claimed, there was election fraud in 2016 too, when he won the electoral college votes needed. He didn’t fight the fraud, because he was going to be President. Now, here we are 4 years later, and he has lost in key states, Michigan being one of them. Tomorrow, the electors of each state, will meet and cast their votes. This weekend was again violent as people protested the election, and others protested the people protesting the election. I have not been witness to any of the violence, and haven’t seen any locally, but I wonder if and when violence may erupt in my own neighborhood.

I’ve seen the signs, literally. Yards proclaiming their support of Trump, and other yards supporting Biden, BLM, and those on the frontline in hospitals helping others fight for their lives against the invisible enemy, the Corona Virus. And so I wonder, if the violence I’ve seen in other areas of the state, will soon, hit closer to home.