Book Review, Fantasy

Review: Mage of No Renown

Summary Wesson is still years from becoming a man when an immense darkness stirs within his core. The sinister power bursts free during a confrontation with an old enemy, and Wesson’s tranquil life is left in tatters. Forced to flee a murderous mob, Wesson stumbles onto a tumultuous path where he must confront the destructive… Continue reading Review: Mage of No Renown


August TBR

July didn't go so well. I have higher hopes for August since I won't be spreading myself so thin. I'm focusing on reading, and blogging. I'm waiting to hear back on the next course enrollment for work, but I will have 6 months to complete it, so I can go slow with it in August… Continue reading August TBR

Book Review, Fantasy

Fate of the Fallen by Kel Kade

This story is about the chosen one dying, and now everyone is going to die. Except his good friend who trained with him picks up his friend's mantle, and goes on a journey to try and save everyone's lives. The prophecy, which sees the chosen one as the only person who would succeed doesn't include his friend. Although there is at least one prophet who has seen him take up his friend's quest, but we don't meet this prophet until the end of this book.

Book Review, Fantasy

Reign of Madness by Kel Kade

Title: Reign of Madness (book 2: Kings Dark Tidings) Author: Kel Kade Publisher: Podium Publishing **This review contains spoilers if you have not already read book 1 - Free the Darkness.** Reign of Madness is the second book in the Kings Dark Tidings series by Kel Kade. When we last left our friends, and gorgeous lead character,… Continue reading Reign of Madness by Kel Kade

Book Review, Fantasy

Free The Darkness by Kel Kade

Title: Free the Darkness (King's Dark Tidings #1) Author: Kel Kade Format: Audible audiobook Publisher: Podium Publishing Narrator: Nick Podehl I have found a new auto-buy author. Intrigue gripped me from page 1 as I wondered what was going on with a little boy learning they ways of war, and sneaking. Then one day ordered to kill… Continue reading Free The Darkness by Kel Kade