2019 Favorite Books

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Hello! This list is not all inclusive, but a few of the books I really enjoyed and wanted to mention again. There is one series on here I’m wondering if maybe I did hear about and just wasn’t ready for it at the time, or maybe I was living in a hole or something at the time of it’s hype. Keep reading to see what series I’m talking about. ?

(Links will take you to my reviews of the book, or the review for the first of the series.)

A Dog’s Way Home by Bruce W. Cameron

This is by the same author who gave us A Dog’s Purpose, which I actually have not read. After reading this book though, I would very much consider it. The imagery this book gives is phenomenal. Even now, I can see the wilderness in my mind’s eye Bella traversed to find her way home. I can see her living under the house in the start of the book, being raised by her cat mother. I could not stop reading this. Animal lovers will definitely enjoy, and I think everyone else will too! I think you should give this book a try in 2020.

My Life Among the Underdogs by Tia Torres

I happened to catch the show Pit Bulls and Paroles on Animal Planet, I don’t know how many years ago. I watch it every now and then, but fall in love and end up wanting all the dogs which can be aggravating knowing I can’t adopt them all.

Tia is the owner of the dog rescue Villalobos, now located in New Orleans, LA. The struggle has been real for her, her kids, and extended family – the Paroles. This book talks a bit about her life, and how she started in the rescue business, and specifically started rescuing Pit Bulls. I think I knew the story would be sad, every rescue usually has some tear jerking moment. I just didn’t realize how much of a tear jerker this would be.

There are chapters focusing on a few special rescues Tia and her family have been on. I don’t need to see the dogs, or watch the rescues on television to fall in love with these dogs. If you are an animal lover, animal rescuer, doggy or cat adopter or foster parent, pick up this book.

Paragon Society (Series) by David Delaney

This was a bit of a surprise for me. I was very hesitant to pick up Orson, the first book in the Paragon Society. For some reason, I thought I wasn’t going to really like it, or it would be just okay.

This book was more than okay. I gave Orson, and the 3 books following 4 stars on Goodreads. I currently sit drooling over my laptop waiting for news of the next book release. (David Delaney has released at least 1 prequel I will pick up if I can in 2020. I have hindered myself a bit with limiting myself to $20.00 to spend this year on books in an attempt to read from my shelves.)

This series follows Orson, who kisses a girl and suddenly, an animal spirit living within him is awakened. This animal spirit does more than just live within him. He is able to transform into a bear. His animal and beast forms come in handy when trying to deal with Blood Mages, and other members of the Paragon Society.

Not only is Orson learning his powers, and where they come from, he is also learning of the politics behind the face of the Paragon Society, and trying to sniff out some crazy stuff going on within the Society. The action, the mystery, the magic, and now the big cliffhanger at the end of Cabal (book 4)! I can’t wait to learn more about the Paragon Society, and Orson.

Air Awakens by Elise Kova

This story deals with elemental magic. An elemental magic no one wants, because they’ve been taught to fear the Tower of Sorcerers. So when Vhalla is found out to have an elemental magic she begins looking for other options. There is the possibility of giving up her magic, but at risk to herself.

She’s worked in the library, and even has a love interest. She knows he would not want her though if she told him about her powers. Then they both start looking into options. Until the Prince begins getting through to Vhalla about her magic. She begins to see it may not be all that bad, but is it too late when she comes to this realization?

I’m not sure about the romance that seems to be blooming between Vhalla and the prince, but it’s there. I don’t remember many specifics about why I enjoyed this book and story so much, but I do still feel the need to continue reading this series. I also remember the feeling of needing to continue reading.

And the series I may have been living in a hole and thus didn’t hear about?…

Riyria Revelations by Michael J. Sullivan

The first book of this series is Theft of Swords (which I have not posted a review for yet, but will soon). I first read Theft of Swords a few years ago, then while reading Goodreads got me to think it was not only book 1 of the Riyria Revelations, but book 3 of the Riyria Chronicles. So this year I went back and started reading the Riyria Chronicles, but when I made it to Theft of Swords again, I diverted and finished the Revelations portion. It’s technically 6 stories, but they are published in 3 books. (Goodreads is also the only place I can find listing Theft of Swords as book 3 of the Riyria Chronicles. Looking again in 2019 for the Chronicles series, I think it’s been corrected.)

All I can say about this is buckle up. The writing itself seems like the story would be slow, but Michael gets us so connected to these characters you are carried away. As a reader I became so invested in these characters and interested I didn’t want to leave them.

If you have the opportunity to listen to the audio books, I totally, 100%, recommend them. Tim Gerard Reynolds really brings the 2 main characters, Royce and Hadrian, off the page. Of course he’s helped by having a great story and great character building to back him up.

Don’t be surprised if I start talking about reading these books again. I can totally see myself reading all 3 all over…and over, and over.