• 9 Series I Want to Start in 2022

    In no particular order, these are a few series I would still love to get to this year. Founders Trilogy by Robert Jackson Bennett I’ve heard many book lovers talk about this series, and it sounds like it’s something I would enjoy. Plus, Brandon Sanderson has blurbed it stating: “The exciting beginning of a promising… Read more

  • Review: Witch13 by Patrick Delaney

    Disclaimer: I have been provided this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Summary On the eve of her resignation, Sheriff Sterling Marsh prepares for a bleak winter in Drybell, Connecticut, after a string of bad decisions leaves her life in shambles. Two weeks before Christmas and expecting… Read more

  • Whateverathon 2 | June TBR

    Readathons Whateverathon, or Whatever-You-Want-athon, is taking place the entire month of June. This readathon is hosted by Maddie from Book Browsing Blog on YouTube. This is the second year of the readathon. I had a lot of fun with it last year, and hope to have fun with it again this year. The teams and… Read more

  • Becca’s Bookoplathon Wrap Up

    Becca’s Bookoplathon Wrap Up

    Becca’s 48-hour Bookoplathon took place over the weekend of May 21-22. This readathon is particularly special, and I’m sure stressful for Becca, because it is live on YouTube for the full 48 hours. With the help of many hosts, each takes a turn hosting a 4-hour block with chatting, maybe some games, and then reading… Read more

  • Recommending 19 One-Word Title Books

    Recommending 19 One-Word Title Books

    Whateverathon is coming back next month. Like a few other readathons I’ve participated in, there is a prompt on the Bingo boards for a one-word title. I remember a time where I would struggle to come up with ideas for this prompt. Either the books I found were in genres I didn’t want to read,… Read more

  • Review: The Burning Sea

    So many moments in this book were uncomfortable. Not a bad uncomfortable. The kind of uncomfortable where you just know things are going to go so far sideways. Read more