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Maddie from Book Browsing Blog on YouTube, has created a readathon for the month of June called Whatever You Want A Thon, or Whataverthon for short. Here is her announcement video. I’m still trying to get myself out of this slump of sorts I seem to be in, and am struggling with home and work projects. Usually 3 books would be low for me, but since I’ve only finished 2 books this year, and we are 5 months in to this year about to start a 6th, 3 may be pushing limits and so I thought this would be a good number to pledge to complete for the readathon.

I have planned for a few books to accomplish most of the prompts, even though it’s not likely I will finish all of these. Just means more to choose from of what to read next right? Anyway, here is my TBR.

I don’t remember exactly what this is about, but I heard many good things and it sounded exciting.

A 5-star prediction
Buddy Read

Books from this series usually are what pulls me out of a slump. It doesn’t seem to be working this time, but I still very much enjoy them.

Re-read a comfort read
Hauled in the last year

This is another book I’ve heard good things about, and if I am remembering right, I think this may also make me cry.

The cover reminds you of a Pride Flag

Runebinder is a book I’ve had for many years now and haven’t read yet. This should get me some bonus points for the readathon as I heard there is LGBTQ rep.

Fit a TBR Game prompt – Maddie’s June 2021 Dart Attack, prompt = eBook

Hour of Mischief is another book I’ve had for a long while now and not yet read. I’ve had it on a few TBRs now; will I finally read it? We will see.

Disability/MH Rep
Cover with your team color
Last letter of previous title is the same as the first letter of this title

My sister years ago got me into Fruits Basket. It’s been a while since I’ve picked one up though, so I could be on this one or number 5. We’ll see when I start reading.

Out of your comfort zone

I started this one earlier this year, and am dying to finish. If I do pick this back up for this readathon I will start over from the beginning. No cheating.

An Author’s Debut
POC representation

I listened to this series on audible a few years ago and absolutely loved it! I then listened on repeat for a bit, and when the 4th book came out, took time off work on release day just so I could read it. I am currently dying for the next book of the series.


Traitor’s Blade is another book I’ve heard good things about and have been curious to see if it lives up to the compliments I’ve heard for it.

Bookish creator’s favorites list

If you are joining, there is still time to sign up. You can sign up anytime until the end of June. I wish everyone luck, and am seriously hoping my competitive side will come out and maybe I will finally get out of this slump!