Sunday Post #50 – 69 Modules!

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly over on the Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news of what happened in your life, what’s coming up on your blog, or recap posts shared.

For work, as a growth opportunity, I expressed interest in being a project manager, or doing more with project management. At the time I was very depressed with my job responsibilities. They were boring and not challenging. Be careful what you wish for.

My boss is great. Seeing how not happy I was has given me more projects this year, and one project I have been on has picked up and is getting seriously exciting and challenging. She set aside some of the training budget, and changed what had been planned for me end of last year, to let me take a project management course. The company is very good with self starters, so I got to research the various training courses available, and pick what I felt would work best for me with where I was currently at.

The course I ended up going with is by the Project Management Institute (PMI), and is online so I can complete the training at my own pace. Well, I had some time Friday and logged in for the first time. My jaw dropped, and my eyes actually bulged out of my head. I knew this course would be in depth, and cover a lot, I just didn’t realize how much. I counted up the modules and found there are 69 modules to complete. Not only that, but this course gives a book to go with the module training. The book is almost 800 pages!

So glad I decided to lower my Goodreads goal last week, because this course is going to be a time suck. Even with all that said though, I am so excited for this course. (Let’s see how long that excitement lasts. ? )